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[ ON AIR ]

[ ON AIR ] Circus from the late night radio show

Step into Queer artist/producer/DJ GROVE's late-night broadcast studio, and let your anonymous call become flesh in this genre-busting vision of the nocturnal airwaves.

[ ON AIR ] carries you on an intimate journey from the ground to the air, airing dreamy fantasies, the personal and political, and declarations of love to oneself and the planet.

[ ON AIR ] honours the dead, fights for the living and celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community, through flying, talking, spinning, listening, dancing and soulful vocals.
Invited by Bristol Pride and housed in Bassline Circus's own vintage bigtop, this special commission stars some of the most in demand and exciting circus & dance artists on the scene


[ ON AIR ] documentation

Photos by Diego Maeso


Bristol Pride

We teamed up with Bristol Pride to present a programme of performance + workshops from outstanding artists within and around the LGBT+ community all housed within the Bassline Circus tent.


Hosted By Sally Savage
-Hula Hoop workshop by SYMONE


-Pride without Borders performance with Dancers from RSVP Bhangra

-Jordan Gray-Musical Comedy

-Living Room Circus-Immersive Circus show

-Electronic Duo BAAST, spoken word and live -performance

-Silent Disco

Workshops funded by Awards for All

[ ON AIR ] Guest Artists



Symoné is a world record holding international queer super star with a Guinness World Record under her belt.. She has worked all over the world from the Caribbean, with pop-star Omi, to London's West End with La Soirée. Cleverly combining rollarskates and multiple hula hoop skills, she uniquely brings a club energy in high energy circus and dance performances, you won't be able to resist clapping your hands and shaking your hips along with her!



Zaki Musa

Zaki Musa is an aerial performer, coach & choreographer, working across a wide range of aerial disciplines, including the flying pole.His work tends to explore his own identity as a performer. With this piece, he is looking to navigate his own ideals of masculinity and how that evolves as he grows older.

He is debuting this act in some killer heels to harness its power, confidence and both its femininity and masculinity. Ultimately, it is a declaration of being unapologetically himself.



LJ Marles

Lj Marles unknowingly started his career back in 2006 when he took part in a youth project (Magic Moments) with Bassline Circus. He chose to continue his new found passion by studying at the National Centre of Circus Arts in London and graduated in 2011 and since then has travelled the world perfoming and working with companies and in festivals such as 7 Fingers, Cirque du Soleil events, La Soiree, Silver Linings, Cirque de Demain and Young Stage. Lj developed a unique aerial apparatus, Tension Straps and throughout his career he has pushed himself and his artistic performance. Lj is thrilled to be back with Bassline Circus, the place where his new life and career began, its sure to be a Magical Moment.



Hattie Grover

Hattie started out as a classically trained dancer, before later amercing herself in a variety of dance styles under the hip hop umbrella, focusing primarily on breaking. The intensely physical nature of breaking steered her attention towards personal training and she later qualified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. It was at this point she embarked on her first aerial fitness course and immediately fell in love! 3 years later and she now teaches, performs and specialises in slings, hoop and Spanish web. Hattie is committed to sharing her love of all things aerial, acrobatic and upside down.




Queer artist Grove brings soulful vocals and effortless flows rooted in hip-hop. Their production style and taste moves between UK hip-hop/soul, trip-hop, UKG & more big UK-centric sounds, so prepare yourself to be taken on a genre-busting journey that will keep you moving. They've supported the likes of The Hot 8 Brass Band, So Solid Crew, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas and are heavily involved in their local scene, collaborating regularly with JPDL, Griz-O and Yogi Beats. Rudegyxl in 5 Mics, BAAST & cast of Battersea Arts Centre's 'Frankenstein'


Jani lgbt.jpg

Jani Nightchild

Jani is a multi cloudswing performer and environmentalist. He is combining circus, dance and theatre with environmental and political messages. He has performed a version of this act at Glastonbury Festival, but for a special return he has re-made it to Bristol Pride with more biodegradable glitter and all the colours of the rainbow!



Joshua Hubbard

is a choreographer and performer who has worked internationally. Credits include Young Fathers, Hercules and Love Affair, Roisin Murphey, Rita Ora, David Hoyle, Elton John, Peaches Christ, Feeder, Paloma Faith, Charlie XCX, various RPDR queens, and Vogue GQ. Joshua is the mother of the House Of Decay, a UK based Kiki vogue house starring in Deep In Vogue, a documentary about the northern British vogue scene . Joshuas award nominated film Crashing Waves featured on Random Acts, Channel 4 which featured at BFI/Outfest. Combined with his commercial, club and creative work Joshua also teaches community classes and is the rehearsal director at Laban School of Dance.
Crashing Waves - film 2018 Directed by Emma Gilbertson choreographed by joshua hubbard, show on channel four random acts/ BFI and nominated for an iris and asethetica award.


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Rhian and Raquel

Rhian & Raquel have been working together for over a year. This doubles trapeze act is a journey of a blossoming relationship; lifting each other up and supporting one another along the way, the song and the routine reflect the growth of trust, emotional strength and love in its most natural form.