Liquid Sky - Photo Jack Wrigley4.jpg


Bassline Circus/MHz + SUE ZUKI
In association with Feral

LIQUID SKY is a new piece of visual theatre exploring the interface between sonic art and aerial circus, within a laser light scenography.
Titled as an homage to the cult 80s movie and a famous laser visual effect, the performance takes inspiration from Doris Lessing's feminist Sci fi novel ‘The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four, and Five’, about a escape for enlightenment

Audiences are immersed in an otherworldly environment that sits between an AV concert and a live art happening. Hypnotic and ritualised movement on the ground and in the air is paired with a Dark Wave live set of throbbing synthetic hymns and mesmeric vocals from sonic priestess SUE ZUKI.

definitely performance art that would appeal to all ages
— Broadway Baby
This sci-fi -infused work is anathema to any notions of a dystopian future, instead focusing on the possibility of strength through femininity. Timely, powerful and magnificent
— The Tempohouse

Filmed by Jack Wrigley and edited by Alicia Mathews

I want to go again. I want to take my friends. I want to watch from other angles. I want to take in more of the never-repeatable nuances of swirling clouds and light. I want to rejoin the communal rites of turning our heads to the sky and moving our bodies subtly to the beating soundscape. Liquid Sky thrilled my senses with beauty. I want more of that please.
— Katherine Kavanagh, The Circus Diaries


Submerge Festival
St Pauls Church Circomedia

Take Me Somewhere Festival
Tramway Glasgow

Braw Circus festival
Platform Glasgow


Music composition+ perfomance - SUE ZUKI
Lasers + Set Design- Jack Wrigley
Circus Artist + Choreographer- AEDÍN WALSH
Rigging- Saul Baum
LX Design+ Production Managment- DAV BERNARD
Direction/Costume-BEX ANSON MHz
Producers-  FERAL ARTS
Photos- Jack Wrigley
Funded with the support of Tramway, Creative Scotland, Swedish Arts Council and Swedish Arts Grants Committee.