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Bassline Circus/MHz in association with Feral Arts

KID_X is a get-on-your-feet, forward-thinking, tech-edge show that defies categorisation.
Expect stunning digital circus, world-class street dance, hypnotic video projections, all with the energy of an all-night rave.

Would you like to live for an extra 200 years? Only catch is, you’re a mega corporation’s guinea pig - a super-cool technological enhanced super-human.
Meet our guide to the future, KID_X (Malick Bright aka AndroidX, the flex and krump dance prodigy), fitted with a Lazarus Industries prototype bionic heart, who falls for Gabriella (Amanda Attwood), the insta-famous rooftop acrobat. His heart is corporate property and she's dedicated to her millions of followers. Dr Lazarus is the trailblazing CEO who’s determined to cancel their young relationship. The alter-ego of dancehall electronica singing sensation, MC Eva Lazarus weaves in stunning live vocals set over an original score by legendary Scottish sound system Mungo’s Hifi.

Step into a boy-meets-girl love story for the future.

Slick and contemporary blend of music, circus and physical theatre
— **** The List
high-energy meditation on how technology can harden emotions if not tempered by real live human interaction.
— **** The Herald

KID_X Trailer

The fusion of dance, circus and visual arts that I saw has already created a unique experience that synergised, as well as energised, the audience. it stands it was mind-bending and virtually life-affirming.
— Lucy Loves Circus

Music Video

We’ve collaborated with Eva Lazarus, Mungo’s HIfi and filmaker maker Ciarian Lyons on a hybrid dance/circus music video that will be released alongside the project and available as a free download to those who see the show!



Aimed at young people, our programme of workshops will provide an exciting introduction to learning some of the styles of performance featured in the show from, freestyle street dance to handstands, song writing to Vj'ing and talks about sound-system culture.

Check our workshop page for more info.

Photos Ineptgravity & MHz


How childrens shows are growing up Fest Magazine

BLOG Post Assembly
Dav discusses the journey of bringing the spirit of Bassline Circus’ large scale music festival productions to a theatre setting .

Bex Anson on Kid_X: 'We wanted to retain some of the energy levels that are specific to festival environments'


The List ****
Slick and contemporary blend of music, circus and physical theatre

The Herald ****

Tour 2019

Assembly Roxy Part of ‘The Made In Scotland’ Showcase
20-25th August

12 Date Scottish Tour suported by Creative Scotland
Spring 2020

5 April
Macrobert Arts Center, Stirling

31 May+ 1 June
Take Me Somewhere Festival, Tramway, Glasgow


Jacksons Lane / August 2017
Stratford Circus / September 2017
NoFitState & New Vic Theatre / March 2018
Platform/ May 2018
Macrobert / September + Apirl2018


Supported by a Tramway Commission, Macrobert Arts Centre, Platform, NoFitState, Jackson's Lanes and Stratford Circus. Funded by Creative Scotland, PRS Foundation Open Fund, and Arts Council England.

Circus Past Present and Future

Led by NoFit State Circus and the New Vic Theatre, celebrating 250 years of circus in 2018. KID_X along with four other companies were selected as artists in residence. We took part in one week development supported by NoFit State and hosted in Bassline’s very own Bigtop.
Check out this film of what we got up to!


Lyricist/MC - Eva Lazarus
Music Production -Mungo Hifi
Dance artist - Android X
Hand Balancer- Amanda Attwood
Costume Design- Saehee Simmons
3D Animation-OnceWereFarmers/ Beeple
Dramaturg-Gavin Marshall
Choreographic Outside eye –Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade
AV/Set/LX design/-Dav Bernard
Direction - Bex Anson
Company Mentor- Adrian Berry
Producers Feral