/\/\ 2006 /\/\


Running Away

Running Away" was a promenade show that combined elements of what people understand by traditional circus, often hinting at the Victorian grotesque, with new urban and hip hop circus styles. The two styles often competed on stage, even sometimes combining into something very different altogether.

Running Away was enjoyed by thousands of people and toured the festivals in 2006. It brought Bassline’s style into 2007 and was a great springboard for writing our latest show Advertigo.
— The Stage

The "old fashioned" in the show was illustrated by stage illusions, contortionists, freaks on the tight wire and the elegance of the aerial act


Opposing this were break-dancers and body poppers who invaded the stage, danced on a huge technics deck, and brought a different kind of music to the forefront of the arena. The urban element challenged the old-skool circus freak family, eventually dragging them into the new millennium.


Running Away was full of twists and turns, performers literally appearing and disappearing all over the place, and had a central love story up high in the top of the tent. Not forgetting chav clowns causing havoc across the two worlds.


The action was set to a musical score that took classical elements of traditional circus and fairground music and mixed it with new skool beats.


Derek farmer no 1
Ryan music
Amy production
Sue director
Kerry production/booking
Robin production
Nat performer
Claire Deloon aerial director
Lyndal rigging/performer
Pemma tent master/performer
B music
Julie visuals
Leila costume/performer
Freya Watson performer
Tash performer
Claire performer
Bryce breaker/artist
Fiona performer
Chilli breaker