/\/\ 2015 /\/\


Athletes of the Night

World-class teams of Urban Athletes go head to head in an adrenaline pumped showdown of competitive circus battles where every trick is allowed and the winner takes all.

Featuring: rope offs, bungee fights, fire ring bike jumps, record breaking spinning [aerial and Cyr wheel] and KRUMP dance battles, these contests will be dropped on the parties fiercest beats throughout the dark hours

JUMP Up and make some noise for the Athletes of the Night!!!

One of the most raging venues on site. The DJs and AV crew were relentless and I found it hard at times to pass by the Bigtop in search of new territory. The acrobats took to the air with athletic energy and tons of sultry, urban attitude, that only Brits can seriously pull off
— Liberty's Hot Rocks, festival blogger


The strength and agility on display serves to back up the sense of the body-as-a-machine mentality. This is what physical fine-tuning looks like. I couldn’t help but stare like an addict at their bodies. Sliding seamlessly between single acts to multiple, synchronised displays of humans in free flow, all in time to a high BPM while we pounded the ground with our feet and throwing our faces in the air to catch the action. It’s an experience!
— Liberty's Hot Rocks, festival blogger



Director/Costume Design Bex Anson
Visuals Director/Projections Dav Bernard
Producers Natalia Colville & Ame Tavner
Head Rigger/Pyro Saul Baum
Lighting Charlie Upton
Lasers Jack Wrigley
Lighting Sculpture Robbie Thompson
Stage Management/Makeup Design Zephyr Liddell
Hair Design/Costume  
Liv Caroline Karlsson
Choreographer Mele Broomes
Costumes Makers Saehee Simons, Zephyr Liddell, haraS



Pemma Ricardo Web/Rigging
Nadia Lumley Cyr Wheel /Breakdancing
Aedin Walsh Vs Matt Horton/ Rope Off
Abby Nénuphar Vs Mike McCallum/ Hoop Battle
Madrootz Krump/Dance battle
Les Velobici Ring of Fire/Bike battle
Neil D Stage Referee
Jester Gang
Circo Inferno
Seren Corrigan
Holly Watson
Sal Maguire
Helen Batchelor
Olivier Roach
Lucinda Younger