Concrete Playground

Flips, Tricks and Electric Mix of jaw dropping acrobatics and interactive performance. Bassline Circus at Boomtown Fair and beyond…


Bassline Circus will be returning to Boomtown Fair / Barrio Loco this year with their relentless energy to delight and entertain passers by with an eclectic mix of circus performance and street skills, trick trampolining and street dance, showcasing the range of skills on offer throughout the district. A reflection of humanity’s triumphs in times of strife, the playground remains where neighbours are family and friends are brethren, no-one is alone, this is a community of celebration.
Showreel 2018

Film by Gabi Norland and Alia Pathan,
Edited by Dasa Raimanora

photo by Nadia Otshudi & Boomtown Fair

Showreel 2017




DIRECTED by Abby Evans
PERFORMERS:Simon Chick. Jess O’Connor. Nat Whittingham. Gabbie Cook. Imogen Macrae. Alessio Motta. Kipat Kahumbu. Jake Dumpleton. Danny Thompson. George Thorne. Joe Holland. Mason Palmer. Stephan Boakye. Zoe Isherwood. Ana De Albuquerque. Zoe Larsson. May Nicholla. Holly Jones. Molly Brine. Emma Snape. Amy Smith. Chloe Gray. Collette St. Laurent. Keelyn Beverly Syms. Ocean Chin. Paige Barson. Grace Kemp. Teri Snape. Zahra Bedford-Higgs. Tamsin Higgs. Rose Elissa. Kelsey Bell. Indigo Barclay. Neil D. Emma Sambrook-Damer.
STAGE MANAGERS: Sarah Smith. Nicole Pretlove
RIGGER: Saul Baum
BUILD & RIGGING SUPPORT: Steve Corcorran. Jim Simmons
Zephyr Liddell. Josie Irvine. Nat Hart. Cleo Serra. Sarah Stocker-harding. Rue Stewart. Tanika Solan. Racheal Clarke. Zak King. Jesse Granger.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nadia Otshudi. Gabi Norland.
FILM: Gabi Norland, Alia Pathan. Dasa Raimanova.
PRODUCED by Amy Tavner & Natalia Colville


DIRECTED BY by Abby Evans + Aedin Walsh
PERFORMERS: Mike McCallum, Simon Chick, Justine Squire, Kino MacDonald, Helina Griffiths, Saul Baum, Will Callard, Greg Nagy, Sarah Parr, Tom Jones, Prezmek Grzeda, Ozzy Flowers, Tom Foot, Ed Hack, Rowena, Isobel Algar, Michael Elmes, Bakani Pick-up, Zoe Larsson, Amy Nicholls, Trevor Evbuamwan, Tashia Reid, Chloe Gray, Grace Kemp, Emma Snape, Andrei Nistor, Neil D, Emma Sambrook-Damer, Lee Tinnion, Jake Dumpleton, Hannah Thompson, Jamie Double, Beth Lannigan, Rowan Virgo, Maxine Dodgy, James Tae.
Zephyr Liddell, Nat Hart, Dana Bordea, Francesca Rennison, Josie Irvine, Mills maguire, Zoe Hoyte, Emily Wright, Sara Whalley, Bex Anson
STAGE MANAGERS: Zephyr Liddell, Susannah Boughtflower, Nerys Craig, Rue Stewart.
BUILD CREW: Spike & Steve
PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Nikki Jolly FILM: Gabi Norland, Dasa Raimanova.
PRODUCED by Amy Tavner & Natalia Colville, Thanks to Boomtown Fair for another epic year!!