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23rd Century Circus

Genetically modified circus meets bio-dynamic beats meets surgically enhanced screenscapes and artwork.

Disable your spam filter for Bassline's 2007 festival smash and grab hit of the summer: "Advertigo".

A tribe of minds, with an adverse reaction to commercial saturation, Bassline Circus, have created something raw and unparalleled. A highflying, hardcore circus show above and amongst the audience, barging past them in a hype of genetically modified, ultra cynical, visually impulsive circus and street level performance


‘Advertigo’ demolishes the culture of commercial advertising, disintegrates the dodgy world of the blipvert, a dizzying roller-coaster ride of multi media madness and mayhem with some of the best breakbeat, digital graffiti, vj-ing, scratching and circus acts you’re likely to see all year
— Britishhiphop forum

Tour dates 2007

Paradise Gardens
Glastonbury Festival : Trash City
Winchester Hatfair
Lewisham People's Day
Greenbelt Festival

By incorporating urban and digital arts such as graffiti, breakdancing, projections, DJ-ing and live original electronic music with theatre and circus, we aim to re-ignite the excitement of circus and inspire a new kind of audience to come to see live performance.”
— Bassline Interview, The Stage


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Artistic consultant: Pierrot Bidon (Archaos)
Director: Olivier Crova
Sue Ford Co-Director/Performer
Kerry Veitch, Production/Producer
Robin Collings, Production/Producer
Aerial Choreography: Victoria Amedume(Upswing Aerial)
Aerial Choreography: James Roberts
Marcia Stevenson, lighting
Amy Tavner, Performer/Logistics
Ryan Wilmott, Music/Production
Andrew Barton, Music
Leila Holmes, Costume/Performer
Natalia Colville, performer
Pemma Ricardo, tent master/performer
Lyndal Merry, Rigger/Performer
Julie James, Visuals
David Bernard, Visuals
Bex Anson, Visuals/Nanny
Andrew Barton, Music
Dieter Zechmeister ,Lights
Louisa Jpunkt, Lights
Lyndsey Stockley, Stage Manager
Damian O’Gorman, M.C
Sylvain Mouret, Performer
Julietta Morales, performer
Mick Fuzz, Performer
Bryce Davies, Breaker
Oscar, Emcee
Joe Garcia,Breaker
Steven, Performer
Derek farmer no 1  Big thanks To Derek the farmer for your field for rehearsals.

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