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Boomtown Games

Commissioned by Boomtown Fair with support from Arts Council England

Large scale, outdoor multi artform extraviganza featuring aerial, ground and wheel based battles staring Mc Eva Lazarus and the Afronauts.

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Filmed by Emigrant Beard & Clockwork Media, edit Dav Bernard


Taking lead from Boomtown’s festival wide story 'The Revolution Starts Now'. Our multi artform extravaganza was Inspired aesthetically and thematically by the incredible social documentary Flying Cut Sleeves about 1970s gangs from the South Bronx, who formed a truce and gave birth to block parties hosted by the godfathers of hip hop (and inspiration for the 1979 film The Warriors and HBO’s The Get-Down)


In our version, Comrade Jose [Boomtown's crooked president] took to the rooftops and hosted The Boomtown Games: three gangs ziplined into Barrio Loco’s central Plaza and battled to win a rooftop villa in a gladiator-cum-breakdance competition…Cue a popular uprising led by gang leader Eva Lazarus and the Afronauts!

Storming the stage, The Bandit Queen [Eva] stole the mic and annihilated the regime’s MC to become the new ruler of the Barrio.

The Contestants



The Bassliners

The Bassliners

The Bandits

The Bandits

The Regime

The Regime

Bassline Circus’s work empowers both their artists and their audiences. It has an anarchic, youthful, and very “current” edge that sets it apart from most contemporary circus we are seeing in the UK.
— Zoe Munn (NoFit State Co founder)



The Regime
MC, Music Producer & lyricist: Neil Dilworth
Deejay& Sfx: Spudd
Guards: Sal Macguire & Helen Batchelor
Comrade Jose- Beatriz Pindado

The Bandit Queen: Eva Lazarus
The Bandits: Naomi Jeremy, Ngaio Anyia, Aedin Walsh, Imogen Pettit, Kate Knowles, Seren Corrigan, Holly Watson
The Bassliners: Mathew Horton, Mike McCallum, Lil Rice, Pemma Ricardo & The 24hr Garage Girls
The Vamps: Jo Moss, Abby Nénuphar, Simeon Kiola, Bela Edgar Manégen, Jo Moon, Zee Hoyte,Eleanor Riley

Direction: Bex Anson
Concept: Bex Anson & Dav Bernard
Production: Natalia Colville
Production Management: Ame Tavner
Stage Manager: Zephyr Liddell
Set Design: SWAG
Lighting: Charlie Upton
Pyro: Cara Smyth
AV: Dav Bernard
Head Rigger: Saul Baum
Riggers: Clare Crook, Mitch A Matosis, Cihan Kuşçu, Rowan Fae
Zipline Choreography: Rowan Fae
Stage Choreography: Mele Broomes
Assistant SM: Leon Thorpe
Stage Hands: Carey Mackenzie, Charley Haughton, Nikki Taylor
Costume Mistress: Saehee V Simmons
Costume makers: Puckoo Couture, SaeHee V Simmons, Zephyr Liddell, Bex Anson,Liv Karlsson, Haras
Hair Design: Liv Karlsson
Make up Artists: Emilie-Marie Vieublé, Lucinda Younger, Natalie Hart
Make up assistants: Shereen Ail
Props: Tulsi Powell, Jaynie de Lego
Production Assistant: Nicky Jolly
Chippy: Spike
Circus Godfather: Macca
Photography: Nadia Otshudi

Backstage caught by Nadia Otshudi