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Immersive perfomance and reactive set design.

Our unique blend of high energy circus is performed in front of, amongst and directly over the audience.

Cutting edge video mapping, our own unique lighting systems and innovative performance integrated set design are blended with live electronic music and vocals to create an electrifying and all encompassing visual and musical experience for the public.

FUSION festival video

Boomtown Fair video

Not many other circus troupes have dance as a core element of their productions. Why do you put such an emphasis on it?

In most of its electronic forms, dance music has been co-opted by the mainstream for so long that it’s difficult for most people to imagine that it was once criminal to even play it in public.

Bassline was formed by veteran sound systems from the European free party scene who joined forces with young circus performers who understood the link between traditional outcast travelling art forms and its modern incarnations. Though many from our original crew have moved on to other high profile UK festival projects, Bassline Circus always tries to keep that conscious vibe that links bass music and a spirit of resistance; and this goes far beyond music too!

Our fearless and DIY approach to visual arts that seamlessly includes lush video-mapped sets, creative rigging and full-on venue management is made possible by a crew with deep understanding of The Collective principle that the Criminal Justice Bill was trying to suppress.

And with such a loving and dedicated crew around us, we’re lucky now to attract young artists who want to connect with that core experience and help us keep it real with their own contribution

Extract from This Is Cabaret Interview

Photos by Maximillian Wesbster, Sefa Ucbas, Nadia Otshudi and Ramona Carraro