About us


circus-meets-the dance floor

High-octane circus company that has toured music festivals since 2003.

We are a core crew of 4-6, with a large pool of circus/music/visual artists, riggers, builders, organisers who join us for specific projects. Founded in 2001, and present every year since with a new production at major UK and European festivals, Bassline Circus is notorious for its authentic circus-meets-the-dancefloor experience.

We have grown from a travelling collective of performers, creatives and organisers with its own Big Top touring show, through programming+managing large-scale venues with immersive décor and performance at music events to creating large-scale spectacular outdoor shows. Our company currently focuses on immersive events and creating smaller, high skill touring productions that continue to harness Bass music's raw energy -with circus to match- alongside a new generation of physical, sonic and visual performers, who remain invested in the underground ethos of the original crew.

Current TEAM


Amy Tavner
Company Director / Production

Amy has over 20 years experience working within the Event circuit, she is also a trained Nutritional Therapist. Her passion for music, performance and logistics began within the Free party and Protest culture, with the early years spent as part of Desert Storm Sound System travelling and living in Europe and the UK.
Amy works within Bassline on its multi pronged approach spanning many different opportunities across all borders Circus! 


Natalia Colville
Company Director / Producer

Natalia is one of the co-founding members of Bassline Circus, with her early years spent as an aerialist, She has gone on to co-produce shows inside and outside the Big Top.
Natalia is passionate about Bassline’s outreach projects and is always on the hunt for new ways to enage and collaborate. You will also find her deeply immersed in one of the UKs fastest growing festivals-Boomtown Fair, where she is programmer and producer for all Circus and Street Theatre.


Dav Bernard
Visual/Technical Director

Based in Glasgow since 1991, Dav has kept busy with a collection of oddball technological creative projects on the DIY arts and free party scene before joining Bassline on the Advertigo tour of 2007.He designs the video mapping and creates/operates the visuals. Working between the set designers, show directors and venue managers, he devises the visual environment for the circus acts and supervises the integration of the video, lighting, laser, graphic and sculptural elements with a close knit team of artists and technicians.
Dav + Bex also run award winning visual design company MHz scenography


Saul Baum
Head Rigger/ Performer / Production

Saul’s passion for ropes, pulleys and harnesses stems from his youth spent sailing. After finishing a degree in Theatre and FIlm he literally ran away with the Circus (Nofitstatecircus). Touring the Uk and Europe for a number of years he honed his expertise as a circus rigger. One of his main roles now is the safety of performers and structures particularly in the air and smooth running of shows. Having always been a keen member of counter culture music scene he has found a home amongst Bassline Circus unique combination of cutting edge Visuals, music and live circus performance.


Bex Anson
Associate Director/Scenographer

Bex started out as the circus nanny on the Advertigo tour of 2007. Hooked on the Bassline vibes she kept coming back, trying her hand at different jobs each year. Since 2015, she’s been most at home devising and directing the performances, working closely with the performers on character and costumes- often inspired by obscure real-world rituals. Whether a skills battle, casual audience interaction or the physical exploration of materials and technology, Bex likes to twist the audience's perception of Circus with visceral, high intensity delivery and unlikely scenarios.

B&Wpemma_rope'cme on!'.JPG

Pemma Ricardo
Tent Master/Circus Artist/ Rigger

Pemma Ricardo, Circus Big Top Tent Master, Rigger and Circus performer extraordinaire. From Zippos, to Fool Hardy, Ricardos and then Bassline Circus, Pemma is also a rigger with  Block 9 at Glastonbury. Pemma is Wicked, Yes Love!

Fusion squad 2016, photo Nadia Otshudi

Fusion squad 2016, photo Nadia Otshudi